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  • 16 Apr 2011 5:35 PM | Deleted user

    Any member interested in running for a CCBCC Office or Board of 

     Governors’ position is requested to contact Bill Scott, President or 

     Frank Frett, Vice President to express your intentions.

     All Officer Positions as well as Board of Governors Positions are open 

     for nominations!

     2011 Nominating Committee:

     Bill Scott (Chair), Frank Frett, Mike Daley, Charlie Bohm, 

     Rich Finlay, Art Cox, Bob Vogel & Kevin Thompson.

    Their duty is to present a slate of candidates to the clerk, Rich Finlay, for the election which will take place at the annual meeting on Saturday, May 7, 2011.

    Feel free to contact any Committee member to discuss your interest and concerns.

     Position responsibilities in the Club By-Laws can be viewed at
    (click on):

  • 15 Apr 2011 10:48 AM | Deleted user

    President’s Boot-   April 2011   

    Spring is surely here on the Cape. The sun shines, birds are chirping and cars are rolling out of their long hibernations, and driving events are filling up the calendars for several months ahead. I have taken care of the necessary maintenance on my car with the clear expectation that I am ready for the road ahead.

    All would seem idyllic on the surface, but May with its Annual Meeting have been pressing on my attentions of late. This is the time for elections and some officer changes, as well as a time to look at the club as a whole and make adjustments and improvements. The changes in our Home Page using a new system is moving right along towards our switch over date, which might be in July. All this is thanks to Charlie Bohm, Paul Hinchcliffe and Mike Daley for all the work they have been doing to make this user friendly for those of us (myself included) who are not quite as “IT” savvy. I have confidence that they will make this change work for all of us.

    The thing that worries me more is that we need new volunteers for various activities that need to take place, activities that make all the things we do as a club, happen. Things like the; newsletter, club Treasurer, media & PR activities, managing the club’s audio/visual equipment, printing needs, etc. If many volunteer to do something, a lot can be accomplished without too much stress on any one individual. The few who have been doing all of these things are stepping down as they have been at it, and doing a great job, for too long. It’s time for change and time for others to step up. You’ll find it fun and rewarding to get involved in the operation of the club, with new experiences gained and new friendships formed. Call me and volunteer your interest and experience. I can promise we have an opportunity just for you.

    May also brings some tried and true events, like the “A” Team on the 15th with Rick Johnson and Rich Finlay and the Safety Fast Inspection on the 21st, where Paul Hinchcliffe always has his famous Coney Islands with special hot sauce, Yum! All this leads right into British Car Week with Brits by the Sea in CT on the 5th of June. Let’s go driving!

    Till then,

    Bill Scott,



  • 28 Feb 2010 8:42 AM | Deleted user

    It is 50 o and sunny today and from where I am looking out my window here in Brewster, the snow is nowhere to be seen. The promise of spring and happy driving days ahead? Let’s hope so.

    The club enjoyed its Winterfest activity this past weekend under cool, but otherwise grayish weather conditions. We gather at the Radisson in Plymouth Harbor late in the afternoon on Saturday. Mary and I took a brisk stroll through the village of Plymouth, stopping for a cup of coffee and watching a lot of the local college youths hanging around inside with their laptops and i-Phones on a somewhat typical February Saturday afternoon. We headed back to the hotel to see that all the arrangements were set and then met a few early birds in the hotel pub. About 40 arrived for the happy hour and start of the evenings activities, all updating each other on all of the winter snow experiences so far this season. Following dinner the Yankee Swap sparked a bit of enthusiastic competition with some prized and not so prized gifts making their way around the room. Berta and Paul won the prize for the most traded gift of the evening, the romantics brought a gift of wine and chocolate that proved to be very popular for this Valentine’s weekend. The winning prize was a set of Night Vision binoculars…(what were you thinking Dennis?), but as it turned out, some couples remained late into the night playing with “Night Vision”, looking into each other’s eyes and creating special effects. I am sure that we’ll see these binoculars again at some future events, who know what they will see in the real dark, Maybe even at the British Marque Triathlons in August.

    Faith and Bruce brought along a slide show of some past triathlons that we enjoyed during the evening and I saw a few more sign up for the event. We were reminded that the competition for the trophy is getting tough, so all of us club members better sign up to make sure we are not only in the running, but will again be the winning club in the event this August.

    Special thanks for those who helped make the Winterfest event a success; Kevin Thomson for being the MC for the evening, Donna for helping with the Yankee Swap, Charlie Bohm for his visual and media set up and for all those who attended to  made this an enjoyable event.

    We noted that some were not able to attend and were missed this year, Dennis and Karen Sokol as Karen is recovering from an operation. Dennis is usually our leader of the Yankee Swap activity. Also Art and Mary Cox could not attend as Mary is recovering from a recent operation. Paul and Sue were also on our missing list as Paul is building up for future and full participation in club activities this season. It was good to have Mike and Pam Dallaire present as Mike has experienced serious heart conditions late this winter and we are all hoping Mike will be back in full form soon.

    Next on our club leadership agenda is the special BoG meeting in February where we will be taking a longer view of future club leadership, in preparation for the Annual Meeting and the club’s future activities. We want to keep things fresh and interesting for our growing membership. So this will be a more serious working session which we will make some commitments to the future of the club and we will be passing on the outcome to each of you. So, just as we are preparing our cars for the coming season, we will be preparing our club for future seasons. 
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