Passing of Bill McMahon

  • 23 Sep 2018 10:42 AM
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    Last Week we lost a great man ... Husband, Family Man, Sportsman & Racer ... He will be missed !!!!
    One of brothers wrote this note and it fits to a tee:

    This picture came across my computer the other day, and it just struck me as something I wanted to share with you. My brothers and your grandchildren are all the sum of our parts, a big part of which is you. It is a crappy circumstance that we find ourselves in. Looking forward is so difficult and sad it is hard to do. Looking backward almost seems to easy. On the other hand, our options are limited, and when we do look back, there is just much to be grateful for. 
    As I run thru things, there is just so much I need to say Thank You for. I know I didn’t always make things easy growing up, but at least we can laugh about a lot of it now. If I tried to say Thank You for everything you taught or have given me and your grandkids, it would just end up a never-ending rambling mess. Once you get past a few specific things like righty tighty, lefty loosey or water seeks its own level, it’s already broken so you may as well try and fix it and the infamous Birds of a Feather flock together (see I always listen) you can get to a few more principle things that kind of make us McMahon’s. Hopefully, you can wrap your head around how important these lessons have been to me once I was able to wrap my head around them. It turns out you and mom did most of this so naturally, that the intended lesson may not have been as obvious as I required. 
    You taught us that whether it was a lawn mower, the color of a car, a wall, a relationship, a job or illness we are not required to accept it as it is. Even better we have the power to decide what it should be and how we will deal with it on our terms. 
    You didn’t necessarily teach us to lead, but you certainly made sure that we didn’t feel the need to follow. You taught us to be so confident and secure in ourselves and our decisions that by default people follow. 
    You taught us to compete and that doing was better than reading about it. Mistakes and failures are just part the program. It is what you do next that matters. Excuses and tears get you nowhere. 

    You taught us to fight (never on school property), for the ball, for the puck, for the keys so we could drive to get the pizza, for whatever we wanted. You taught us to respect ourselves and demand respect from others. 
    You let your son who may not have had a perfect track record for responsibility get his pilots license (I understand why you wouldn‘t fly with me). You have given me every opportunity to become who I am today. You have spent the last 15 or so years fighting cancer, fishing, racing, hunting but most importantly being a son, husband, grandfather and dad. You have impacted everyone who has ever known you. You have made your sons who they are. You have become an indelible part of your four grandchildren just as you are with your son’s. I am Thankful for every moment we have had.

    Arrangements at this time are incomplete but please feel free to check:  Chiampa Funnerl Home Shrewsbury, MA.


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