MG A or B need for special event

  • 04 Sep 2015 11:17 AM
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    Michael Dallaire (Administrator)

    Hi fellow British car lovers,


    I found your website this evening and hope that one of you or your acquaintances can help me.


    My wife and I, now from Michigan, are celebrating our 50th wedding anniversary in Brewster on the Cape this September 12 - 26.  We have arranged to renew our vows at Our Lady of Cape Cod Catholic church. 


    During our dating years I owned and we enjoyed a 1957 MGA and just before we were married I bought a "grown up" 1964 MGB which we drove from the church and took on our honeymoon and drove for several years thereafter.


    As a special surprise for my wife, I would like to arrange to drive us to the church in Brewster and then to brunch in either an A or B.  Do you have any suggestions on how I might make this very special surprise happen?


    Please e mail me or call my cell 248.219.0484 with any help or thoughts you might have.


    Warm regards to all of you who have/are enjoying dual batteries, bendix spring starters, wooden floorboards, plastic side window flaps, inside the car door door releases instead of outside door handles, and the many other surprises these fun cars offered.    


    John Hansson

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